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Spaghetti Bolognese

Everyone's favourite classic pasta sauce is bursting with rich tomato flavour

8 Caffe_pasta_small
Spaghetti pasta which accompanies a very rich tomato sauce with minced beef and chopped red onions.

At 8 Caffé, you can have any pasta with any of our delicious sauces:

Pomodoro (Tomatoes, red onions)
Carbonara (Cream, pancetta, parmigiano reggiano, garlic)
Bolognese (Minced beef, tomatoes, red onions)
Pesto (Basil, grana padano, pecorino romano, garlic, pine kernels)
Salmone (Salmon, cream, red onions, dill)
Ricotta (Ricotta cheese, tomatoes, onions)
Tonno (Tuna, tomatoes, olives)
Arrabbiata (Tomatoes, hot peppers, red onions, garlic, parsley)
Funghi (Mushrooms, cream, red onions, parsley)